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Win For Life

Win for life Results Tuesday 16 May 2023

NLCB Win for Life Results in Trinidad and Tobago For today is announced now. You can check NLCB Win for life Results 2023. we update all Results on an urgent basis. Play Whe game draws which occur Tuesday and Friday at 7:00 PM

At the bottom of the Win for Life Results for today, there is a search form that you can use to check previous Win for life Results and a section showing what are we under today in Play Whe Results.

 Win for Life Results Tuesday 16 May 2023

11 18 22 24 26 28 Cash Ball: 3

Win and Drive

1 15 16 21 22 24

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PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS NOT THE NLCB’s OFFICIAL WEBSITE. However, the Win for Life results are primarily acquired from the NLCB’s televised draws to ensure accuracy. Your Win for Life ticket, not the play slip, is your only valid receipt. Winning tickets must be redeemed within 180 days of the Win for Life draw date. Good luck.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you win anything for 2 numbers on set for life?

No, except in the very limited circumstances set out in the Games Specific Rules.

How do Lotto and Win for life work?

Win for life 1 is exactly the same as LOTTO but gives the player a second chance to win. When buying a LOTTO ticket, the player must pay an extra R2. 50 per board to enter the Win for life 1 draw. Odds are the same, while prizes are usually slightly lower.
5 numbers You can Quick Pick or choose your own lucky numbers. Match all 5 numbers and the Cash Ball to win the grand prize of $1,000 a day for life
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